What can the RELIGHT App do? 

RELIGHT allows you to become an active participant in the light show of an event you are attending. RELIGHT joins you and all other users of the app together in a huge lighting choreography in which everyone makes an important contribution to the big picture. The artist integrates display colours, images and logos as well as camera lights and vibrations into their show – all via your smartphone. As always, please read our Terms of Use. 

What functions does the app access?  

RELIGHT uses the following features on your smartphone:  

  • Display colour
  • Vibration mode
  • Location services/Bluetooth – please note that RELIGHT will not save your location at any time. We only use your Bluetooth function.
  • Camera – we need this to switch your camera light on and off synchronously with all other users. The app does not access your smartphone’s photo function itself.

How does it work?  

RELIGHT uses radio frequencies to send signals to your smartphone. Everything is controlled centrally by the lighting technician on-site.  

Isn’t that harmful to health?  

No. The technical components used in RELIGHT are CE certified. The radio frequencies used to transmit the signals are all in the harmless range.

Which modes are available in RELIGHT?  

RELIGHT basically works in two modes.  

  • Live mode works if you are at a RELIGHT event and have granted the appropriate authorisations. In Live mode you become an active participant in your artist’s light show – and your smartphone will be one of hundreds or thousands of lighting elements.
  • Offline mode is active when you are out of range of a RELIGHT event. Depending on your version of the app, you can view exclusive artist content. Please note that Bluetooth must be activated to use this feature as well.

Does RELIGHT save data about me?  

No. We are proud that RELIGHT does not collect or store any personal data. The data we receive when you contact us are not stored permanently. You can find further details and all other information in our Privacy Policy. Please note, however, that by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, you agree to the store operators’ Terms of Use.

What about my phone’s battery consumption?

Our tests have shown that RELIGHT consumes about the same amount of battery power as listening to music through Bluetooth headphones while the display is on. To save battery power, you can simply reduce your display brightness – we leave that up to you.

What’s the point? Why should I download the app?  

RELIGHT gives you the unique opportunity to be actively involved in your favourite artist’s show. You become part of the big picture. Just imagine standing in the middle of an ocean of brightly lit displays and knowing that this breath-taking sight is only complete because of you. That’s why we say THANK YOU in advance for participating and making the show such an unforgettable experience. 

Can I use my smartphone normally while using RELIGHT?  

Yes. You can exit the app at any time during Live mode and use your phone and all its features normally. Just use them as you always would. If you want to film, take pictures, or read new messages, simply switch to the appropriate app. To return to the live show, open RELIGHT again. Once activated, the app will always be ready.  

I’m at a RELIGHT event and can no longer find my artist’s content. What should I do?

If you are near an event, the lighting designer takes over the show. Don’t worry, you will be able to see your pictures of the artist again after the show. 

What do I do when I get to the show? 

As soon as you enter the venue, open the app and activate Bluetooth – then everything will run by itself and put you at the heart of the action.

What happens after the show? 

After the show is before the show – you will be able to access your pictures of the artist again.

A great show with lots of exciting elements is all very well, but doesn’t it make the app very big?

We always keep a close eye on the size of the app and use a variety of compression technologies. The RELIGHT App is about 50 MB, depending on the version. That’s not much in the age of 4G and 5G, but we still recommend you to download the app on your Wi-Fi at home before the event if possible. Network coverage or Wi-Fi bandwidth at venues is often not good.  

Nothing’s working!

We’re very sorry to hear that. Take a look at the troubleshooting guide below – we hope it will help you to solve the problem. 

To use the app in Live mode during an event, please remember the following:

  • When you first start the app, you must give it permission to use Bluetooth/location services and access the camera. If you did not give it permission, open your smartphone settings and authorise it to use these features in the app permissions.
  • You must be at an event that uses the RELIGHT App.
  • You must have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Please note that the RELIGHT App is designed for devices that use the operating systems Android 5 and iOS 10 or higher. We cannot guarantee that the app will function with older operating systems.

Why is my smartphone not displaying all the elements of the live show?  

We are constantly improving our app and adding new features. Update the app regularly to ensure you always have access to the latest features. If elements in the app are missing, visit the Google Play Store or the App Store and install any available updates.

If you’re experiencing other problems with the app, please contact us at: kontakt@relight.show