RELIGHT is an APP that allows you to become part of your favourite artist’s show. You help to create the lighting effects during the concert and become part of a unique and overwhelming light show.

We make emotions. That principle is at the heart of every RELIGHT project. We want to take events and fan-interaction to the next level and make them a mind-blowing experience. We want to turn music lovers into active co-creators of the show – and make them part of something bigger than they ever imagined. Fans have always been able to sing, clap and cheer – with RELIGHT they can now become an active part of the LIGHTING. Everyone is a point of light, a part of the whole and resonates with the artist and the audience. With RELIGHT, we offer our customers the opportunity to extend their performance or event by one important factor: the audience. RELIGHT offers a whole new dimension of interactivity. It reinforces the sense of unity exponentially and turns the event into an even more closely shared experience.

RELIGHT reagiert in Echtzeit auf das Lichtpult

The RELIGHT App also supports sustainability.

Compared to glitter, confetti, light bands etc., which produce a lot of waste, the RELIGHT App is environmentally friendly because it uses existing materials – the audience’s smartphones.

RELIGHT can be a powerful element of organisers’ and artists’ sustainability strategy.